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Mono County
Pioneers of Eastern California
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  • Benton - 25541 Highway 6; (760) 933-2542
  • Bridgeport - (760) 932-7482
  • Coleville - (530) 495-2788
  • June Lake - (760) 648-7284
  • Lee Vining - (contact Bridgeport Branch) - (760) 932-7482
  • Mammoth Lakes - (760) 934-4777
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A Boom Town Directory & Ghost Town Guide to Aurora; Clifford Alpheus Shaw, The Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association, 1996, 51 pages: A guide to the town’s original layout, old photos - by Aurora’s primary researcher.

A Trip to Bodie Bluff and the Dead Sea of the West (Mono Lake) in 1863; J. Ross Browne, Outbooks, 1863, 72 pages.

Aurora: Ghost City of the Dawn; Robert E. Stewart, Nevada Publications, 1996, 47 pages.

Bodie 1859-1900; Frank S.Wedertz, Chalfant Press, Inc., 1969, 212 pages. THE definitive work on Bodie, based on many records that no longer exist.

Bodie & Esmeralda: An Account of the Revival of Affairs in...; Joseph Wasson, 1878, 60 pages.

Bodie Bonanza: The True Story of a Flamboyant Past; Warren Loose, Nevada Publications, 1979, 246 pages

Bodie: Boom Town - Gold Town!; Douglas McDonald, Nevada Publications, 1988, 47 pages.

Bodie State Historic Park; Friends of Bodie, 1998, 15 pages: The Park's guidebook to the town with some histories of the buildings.

Bodie: "The Mines Are Looking Well...", Michael H. Piatt, North Bay Books, 2003, 288 pages: The history of the Bodie Mining District; well-researched and documented.

Bodie's Boss Lawman: The Frontier Odyssey of Constable John F. Kirgan, Bill Merrell with David Carle, Nevada Publications, 2003, 176 pages

Calamity Jan's Goodbye God, I'm Going to Bodie; Jan Pierson, Press-Tige Publishing, 1996, 93 pages: Historical fiction for middle grade readers.

California's Eastern Sierra: A Visitor's Guide; Sue Irwin, Cachuma Press, Inc., 1991, 144 pages: Terrific, well-illustrated guide to Inyo and Mono Counties.

Geology of The Mono Basin; Timothy Tierney; Kutsavi Press, 1997, 73 pages.

Ghost Mines of Yosemite; Douglass Hubbard; Awani Press, 1958, 34 pages: History of the short-lived mining days along Yosemite’s eastern boundary, including Bennettville and Lundy.

Gold, Guns & Ghost Towns; Chalfant, Willie Arthur; Chalfant Press, Inc., 1947, 175 pages.

Gunfighters, Highwaymen & Vigilantes: Violence on The Frontier; Roger D. McGrath; UC Press, Berkeley & L.A., CA, 1984, 291 pages: Well-researched history of Mono County’s early violent days - mostly on Bodie, but also some on Aurora.

Horseshoe Canyon: A Brief History of The June Lake Loop; Betty Bean, Chalfant Press, Inc., 1977, 116 pages.

Lundy; Alan H. Patera; Western Places, 2000, 88 pages: Well-researched history of this small town in some of the Sierra's most treacherous - and beautiful - country.

Lundy: Gem of the Eastern Sierra; Jim Hanna, Gold Hill Publishing Co, Inc., 1990, 56 pages.

Lying on The Eastern Slope: James Townsend's Comic Journalism on The Mining Frontier; Dwyer & Lingenfelter; Florida International University Press, 1984, 167 pages: Out-of-print, but essential for the Mono County buff. Very funny; centered on Lundy.

Man From Mono; Lily Mathieu LaBraque; Nevada Academic Press, 1984, 196 pages: Biography of a man with a wonderful memory and great adventures in the early days of Mono Basin.

Mark Twain: His Adventures at Aurora and Mono Lake; George Williams III; Tree By The River Publishing, 1986, 94 pages.

Meadow in The Sky; Elizabeth Stone O'Neill; Panorama West Books, 1984, 162 pages: Fine history of the Tuolumne Meadows region.

Mono Diggings; Frank S. Wedertz; Chalfant Press, Inc., 1978, 245 pages: Excellent detailed history of Bridgeport and surrounding area.

Mono Lake Guidebook; David Gaines; Kutsavi Books, 1981, 114 pages: Very detailed early study of Mono Lake’s ecosystem; by the man who almost single-handedly saved that beautiful lake.

Naming the Eastern Sierra: Dirty Sock to Bloody Canyon; Marguerite Sowaal; Chalfant Press, Inc., 1985, 123 pages.

Old Mammoth: Text & Historic Photo Collection by Adele Reed; Genny Smith; Genny Smith Books, 1982, 194 pages.

Paiute, Prospector, Pioneer; Thomas C. Fletcher; Artemesia Press, 1987, 123 pages.

Photographing Bodie: A Photographer's Guide to The Ghost Town of Bodie, California; Thomas I. Morse; Global Preservation Projects, 1990, 30 pages: You’ll want to sign up for a ‘behind the scenes’ photo workshop after seeing this book with the stunning photos taken inside those wonderful buildings!

Pioneers of Mono Basin; Margaret Calhoun; Artemisia Press, 1984, 172 pages: Great memories from one of its earliest pioneers.

Poag's Guide for 1880 Bodie; Larry Poag; Western Places, 1992, 32 pages: Very detailed book on many of Bodie’s building. (See next listing).

Poag's Guide to Shopkeepers and Shootists of Bodie; Larry Poag; Western Places, 1997, 80 pages: Enlarged version of “Guide for 1880 Bodie”. Much more detailed street by street guide to what was there and what is left.

Quaternary History of The Mono Valley, California; Israel C. Russell; Artemesia Press, 1984, 394 pages: Detailed info on the geology of the Basin reprinted from the Eighth Annual Report of The United States Geological Survey, 1889, Pages 267-394.

The Ghost Town of Bodie: A California State Park; Russ & Anne Johnson; Chalfant Press, Inc., 1967, 124 pages: Newspaper articles printed during Bodie's boom days.

The Guide To Bodie and Eastern Sierra Historic Sites; George Williams III; Tree By The River Publishing, 1981, 73 pages.

The Highest School in California; Everett V. O'Rourke; Everett V. O'Rourke, 1978, 31 pages: History and stories about Bodie’s school.

The Lost Cement Mine; James W.A.Wright; Genny Smith Books, 1960, 94 pages.

The Mono Basin Ecosystem: Effects of Changing Lake Level: Mono Basin Ecosystem Study Committee; National Academy Press, 1987, 272 pages.

The Story of Bodie; Ella M. Cain; Mother Lode Press, 1956, 196 pages: One of Bodie’s earliest pioneers remembers Bodie.

The Story of Early Mono County: Its Settlers, Gold Rushes, Indians, Ghost Towns; Ella M. Cain; Fearon Publishers, Inc., 1961, 166 pages: One of Mono County’s earliest pioneers history of the county.

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