Inyo County
Land of the 20-Mile Shadows
Pioneers of Eastern California
Many millenia ago,
after caveman domesticated the dog,
he asked the same question
that modern caveman asks to this day...
Pic: Adorable Dog
Where can I travel in Inyo County
and take my dog along too?
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- Pleasant Valley County Park - Leashes: Required. Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail east of the reservoir. Information: (760) 878-0272

- Izaak Walton County Park - Leashes: Required. Hiking: A trail runs through the park (with a footbridge crossing a stream) and into natural brush-covered land. Information: (760) 878-0272.

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Death Valley National Park

Leashes: Required throughout the Park. (Be sure to check a map, Park boundaries go well beyond the Valley). Safest time to take dogs: October through April; summer is NOT the time to take your dog!

Dogs are not allowed on official trails, but they are allowed on the unpaved roads, of which, there are hundreds of miles. Stop at the Visitor Center to ask for the best dog-walking areas.

Mailing Address: Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA 92328, (760) 786-2331,

Ranger Roger's 'Dogs Web Page' -


Places to Stay Around Death Valley

- Stove Pipe Wells Village - Inside northern portion of Death Valley proper. Dogs allowed for $20 deposit; 83 rooms, motel rooms and rustic cabins available; 2 people, 1 bed - $53 - $76, extra person $10; nearby mini-mart fast food, groceries, restaurant, gift shop. Address: Stove Pipe Wells Village, State Route 190, Death Valley National Park, CA 92328, (760) 786-2387, Fax (760) 786-2389. On State Route 190, 24 miles NW of Visitor Center.

- Panamint Springs Resort - On Highway 190, outside Death Valley proper, but inside the Park boundary. Motel: Dogs allowed; 14 units; $56 to $120. Campground: Dogs allowed; 28 RV sites, full hook-ups, tent sites, hot showers; $8 to $20. Services: restaurant (with gigantic ice cream sundaes), bar, gas & propane, limited groceries, gift shop. 48 miles east of Lone Pine and just inside Death Valley National Park boundary on Highway 190 (northwest entrance into the Park). P.O. Box 395, Ridgecrest, CA 93556; Phone (775) 482-7680; Fax (775) 482-7680; Email:;

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- Dehy Park - Leashes: Required. Picnic tables, shade trees. At the north end of town on Highway 395 - can't miss it. Information: (760) 878-0272

Inyo National Forest

Leashes: Not required** Information: Forest Headquarters, 873 North Main Street, Bishop, CA 93514; (760) 873-2400;

- Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest - Leashes: Not required outside campgrounds or picnic areas** Roads into the area are usually open June through October. Some of these trees are over 4,000 years old, so please ask your boy dogs to respect - and not pee on - the oldest living things on earth. Information: Inyo National Forest, 873 North Main Street, Bishop, CA 93514; (760) 873-2400;

Little Lake

- Fossil Falls - Leashes: Not required, but a good idea - severe dropoffs are around. Keep children close! If you are fascinated by volcanoes, this should interest you. Pick up a brochure and head out on the trail. The brochure explains the geology of the region, the lava flow and how Fossil Falls was formed. On Highway 395, 3 miles north of Little Lake, take Cinder Cone Road (east). Information: (760) 384-5400

Lone Pine



- Alabama Hills - Leashes: Not required*. My favorite Inyo County place - One of 'Hollywood's favorite film sites - over 300 films and countless television shows and commercials have been filmed here over 70 years. See for a list of the films made here. Roads were made by movie companies. Visitors are free to drive the roads; lots of land for your dogs to run on.**.

If you are really fascinated by the place, stop by the Visitor Center just south of town at the junction of Highways 395 and 136 and buy "On Location in Lone Pine: A pictorial guide to one of Hollywood's favorite movie locations for 70 years!," by Dave Holland, 1990. In Lone Pine, at the town's only traffic signal, turn west (toward the Sierra) onto Whitney Portal Road. In about 2.5 miles you'll see a historical marker on the right. Wander Movie Road at will!

- Diaz Lake - Leashes: Required. Can be seen from Highway 395. Small fishing lake (86 acres) with picnic tables, camping. Can park on the east side of the lake, or follow the road to the south and around to the west side. Very pleasant area with tall shade trees. Two miles south of Lone Pine.

Places to Stay Around Lone Pine

- Dow Villa Hotel - Dogs can stay in smoking rooms of motel section. Very nice hotel/motel where the Hollywood elite stays; in the center of town; all rooms have remote-control TV, VCRs, HBO, coffee makers, refrigerators, direct-dial phones, and data ports; AAA and Senior discounts; heated pool and 24-hour spa; handicapped rooms; meeting room; golf package; coffee shop adjacent. $58 - $95. Address: Dow Villa Hotel, 305 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 722, Lone Pine, CA 93545; (760) 876-5521. On east side of Highway 395, center of Lone Pine.

- Boulder Creek RV Park - Well-equipped campground with very clean bathrooms, showers; store; full hookups; laundry, recreation room; pets allowed. $22 for two per full-hookup space. Address: Boulder Creek RV Park, P.O. Box 870, 2550 S. State Highway 395, Lone Pine, CA 93545; (760) 876-4243; fax (760) 876-5253. Four miles south of Lone Pine on Highway 395.

Bring along a coat or sweater for your pup
- it can get cold in this country

And water and de-water Pup frequently
- it's also dry over here!

Tecopa Hot Springs County Park

Leashes: Required. Walk around the 40-acre park (most of it taken up by the 300-site campground) and the road to the tiny town of Tecopa a few miles to the south (the locals walk this route a lot). Best time to visit is in late fall and spring. Winter is generally cool, sometimes near freezing. Do not take your dogs in summer - almost like Death Valley temperatures. East of Death Valley, 7 miles south of Shoshone (which is 25 miles south of Death Valley Junction, at junction of Highways 127 & 190). Watch for directional signs to the Park. The Park is a few miles north of town.

Place to Stay at Tecopa Hot Springs

- Tecopa Hot Springs Campground - Campsites are on first-come, first-served basis at $6.50 to $8.00 per night; dogs allowed. Hot Springs bath houses are for humans only - no dogs. If you can share 'dog-sitting' with a friend or relative, try soaking in the invigorating 107 degree waters for a few minutes. Bath houses are divided into 'ladies only' and 'men only' sections. No hanky-panky and no bathing suits allowed.

If your dog responds well to commands like "come," "sit," "stay," - then go and enjoy the areas where leashes are not required.


1) If your dog has never been in the genuine wild outdoors AND

2) if he does not respond to voice commands,


The Great Outdoors has tons of new alluring odors your dog may find irresistible. It's all too easy for them to wander off following a new scent, while you're admiring the landscape. Before you know it, your buddy can be out of eyesight and earshot.

With a little extra vigilance, you can head home with your canine pal on board and not lost forever in the genuine wilds.

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