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Pioneers of Eastern California


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Brune & Buck Mortuary - PO Box 1175, 325 W. Elm Street, Bishop, CA 93515; (760) 873-4266
Owens Valley Mortuary - PO Box 755, 206 E. Post Street, Lone Pine, CA 93545; (760) 876-4665


Ballarat, California

Ballarat Cemetery - This page on the Find A Grave website provides information from the 7 grave markers, photos of 2 of the 7 graves, plus an overall photo of the cemetery.

Big Pine, California

Big Pine Cemetery - On Crocker Road south of Big Pine.

Bishop, California

East Line Cemetery - This page on the Find A Grave website has a search engine for looking up names of those interred here. The cemetery was established in 1890 and the Pioneer Cemetery District in 1926. HOURS: August 16 to April 30; 8 AM - 5 PM; May 1 to August 15; 8 AM - 8 PM; Business Office: 760-873-6260. Located on the southeast corner of East Line Road and Van Loon Lane, east of Bishop. Both a map of the cemetery and a directory of graves is located to the left of the main gate entrance. Lat 372138N, Long 1182120W; USGS 7.5' Map - Poleta Canyon.
"Katie" Catherine M. Shaw Villet burial site in East Line Cemetery.

Mount Tom Cemetery - Not having seen this cemetery, I cannot describe it and an extensive internet search only revealed one grave to be there - that of Robert William Wood, a world famous artist who died in 1979.

Sunland Cemetery - On Barlow Lane south of Bishop.

West Line Cemetery (sometimes called Pioneer Cemetery) - Internment.Net has listed 1,530 names of those interred here. West Lline Cemetery was established first as Pioneer Cemetery in 1868. It is located just north of Northern Inyo Hospital, at the end of Pioneer Lane off West Line Street. West Line Cemetery, PO Box 1326, Bishop, CA 93515; (760) 873-376.

Death Valley, California

Dayton Harris Grave Monument - Lat 361227N, Long 1165210W; USGS 7.5' Map - Badwater.

Jean Lemoigne Grave - This grave is difficult to find, but if you like to do a bit of detective work and walking the ground, this is an adventure for you. To find it, get a good map of Death Valley and make sure the grave is marked on it (GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.5892, Longitude: -116.9689; USGS 7.5' Map - Beatty Junction).

Independence, California

Independence, California - This page from the Find A Grave website lists 9 names of those interred here. Located at 402 S. Clay Street in Independence, California; (760) 878-1000. Lat364802N, Long 1181138W; USGS 7.5' Map - Independence.

Indian Cemetery - Lat 365010N, Long 1181322W; USGS 7.5' Map - Independence.

Old Independance Cemetery - Lat 364844N, Long 1181220W; USGS 7.5' Map - Independence.

Lone Pine, California

Lone Pine Indian Cemetery - This is another page on my website with all names of those interred as of 2003. It lies at the mouth of a narrow canyon in the Alabama Hills, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and west of Lone Pine.

Lone Pine Pioneer Cemetery - The earliest internment appears to have been 1874 although someone may have been buried earlier and the wood marker has since disintegrated. I have listed and photographed each grave. Located on Sub Station Road east of Lone Pine. Lat 363604N, Long 11802422W; USGS 7.5' Map - Lone Pine.

Mount Whitney Cemetery - Volunteer Leilauni Holtz is still transcribing and photographing this cemetery. Click on any name for the photo of the marker. Located on 395 just north of the Lone Pine Narrow Gauge Road. Mount Whitney Cemetery District, 120 S. Main, Lone Pine, California; (760) 876-1863. Lat363711N, Long 1180359W; USGS 7.5' Map - Lone Pine.

(Name Unknown) Cemetery - This remote, lonely cemetery has only 6 grave markers left. Look for them among the scrub. It is most interesting because one stone was written in Russian. The cemetery is several miles east of Lone Pine on Lone Pine Narrow Gauge Road that runs to the right (south if you are coming from town). I cannot find any information online about this cemetery.

Olancha, California

McKellips Graves - This page from the Find A Grave website lists two young children who did not survive the wagon ride west in 1876. PHOTOS. Located at lower Centennial Flats between the Darwin road and Keeler. Just off Highway 190, east of Olancha, California - watch for the cross.


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