Inyo County
Land of the 20-Mile Shadows
Pioneers of Eastern California

Amazing Facts on Inyo County

Mount Whitney and Badwater in Death Valley make this county completely unique in the United States. Find out how!

Sketch of desert road

Cemeteries & Mortuaries

Addresses, phone numbers and some locations of cemeteries in Inyo County; Published Cemetery Inscriptions; and links to cemetery information in adjacent counties.

History Links - Inyo County

History, Archaeology, Biographies, Landmarks, Societies; Article and Book Excerpts.

Map of Adjacent Counties

Maps of and links to counties adjacent to Inyo County.

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Map of Inyo County

Major roads, towns and sites.


Museums in Inyo County and a few just outside; Addresses, Phone Numbers, Directions, Descriptions, Hours.

Natural History

Biology, Geology, Minerals, Hydrology


Library addresses, phone numbers; Books (current & out-of-print), Posters, Videotapes, Newspapers (online & on microfilm); Published Cemetery Inscriptions


Links to websites on Inyo County railroads.

Traveling With Your Pets

Accommodations, parks and campgrounds where pets are welcome and some special precautions about going leashless in the Great Outdoors.


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