October 10 - 12, 2008


How do I get to Oakhurst and then to the Ranch?
-- Out of the Fresno area, take Highway 41 toward Yosemite. Check this Yahoo map for details on exactly how to get there.

What are the fees for the conference, the motel and the meals?
-- The conference fees are covered on the Seminar Registration page;
-- Check out the Motels page to choose between the Sierra Sky Ranch and the Gateway Inn in Oakhurst;
-- The meal plan is explained on the Motels page.

How should I dress? What will the weather be like?
-- In October, the weather is tricky with the transition from summer to fall. If it's rainy, it will be cool - maybe 60s during the day and low 40s at night (fahrenheit). If it is clear and sunny, it can be in the high 70s during the day and mid-40s at night. Before you pack, check the Weather Channel for forecasts for the Oakhurst area.

Who are we likely to encounter on our ghost walks?
-- The permanent guests at Sierra Sky Ranch may or may not introduce themselves. If we tell you about the guests early, it just takes the mystery and excitement out of everything...

Where will we be able to investigate?
-- At the time of the seminar, you will be informed of areas open to investigation, but most of the Ranch will be open to you. Outside, wander all around the Ranchhouse and a few hundred yards out.

Does Sierra Sky Ranch have wheelchair access?
Call Sierra Sky Ranch for details - (559) 683-8040.

What about Parking?
There is parking in the hotel parking lot at the entrance to the Ranch with additional parking available on the east side of the building - directional signs will be posted.

Where do I check in for the seminar after I arrive?
-- Check-in will be in the hotel lobby starting on Friday at 6:00 pm.

When do I pay for my meals?
-- Pay and receive your meal ticket coupons at the time of hotel check-in.