October 10 - 12, 2008


DALE KACZMAREK has been actively investigating paranormal phenomena since 1975 including ghost lights, haunted houses, battlefields, cemeteries, Indian burial grounds, murder sites, churches and sacred sites. He has appeared on radio and television shows and been written about in many magazine articles and books, and authored several books - "Windy City Ghosts," "Windy City Ghosts II," "A Field Guide to Spirit Photography," "Illuminating the Darkness: The Mystery of Spooklights".

DEBBY SENATE, married to Richard Senate, is a gifted, well-known psychic who often accompanies Richard on ghost huntings. She recently investigated the Lizzie Borden home and co-wrote "Shocking Psychic Solution: The Lizzie Borden Case" (a book and audio cd set) with Richard Senate and Sean Casteel.

RICHARD SENATE has been ghost hunting for over 20 years ago. His specialty is Hollywood where his family has been employed since the 1920s. He has great stories of experiences at movie studios and stars' homes. Richard has written "Ghosts of the Haunted Coast," "Ghost Stalker's Guide to Haunted California," "Erle Stanley Gardner's Ventura: The birthplace of Perry Mason," and several more.

BILL MURPHY is an Investigator and Technology Expert affiliate for Southern California Paranormal Research Society (SOCALPRS). A face to face encounter with a shadow person several years ago opened up his eyes to the paranormal. Since then he has dedicated his life to researching and documenting the paranormal. Bill has even produced documentaries showcasing paranormal activity in such places as New Orleans/Louisiana post-Katrina and the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. He is the Lead Technology expert and an affiliate Investigator for SOCALPRS.

LUCY BRANDT, the renowned psychic, healer, teacher and medium, will be conducting the seances scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights. The Seance Gathering creates an environment for departed souls to appear and during this one-hour experience Lucy will interpret through her talent as a medium. As a channel she has extraordinary talent amd being with her will enlighten you.

Ms. Brandt will be available for private readings throughout Saturday ($60 for 30 minutes).

PAULA KAHAN is the founder and lead investigator for the Paranormal Investigators of San Diego (PISD) who specialize in private,  residential investigations. For the last 20 years, Paula has worked as a licensed Psychiatric Technician in hospitals, crisis centers and prisons.  She has worked with people living with mental illness, mood & personality disorders and those with substance abuse problems. She merges her knowledge of human behavior and psychology with her fascination of the paranormal to help her clients during the investigation process.