Central California Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) Present:


October 10 - 12, 2008

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Promoted as the first ever paranormal seminar for the San Joaquin Valley in Central California and advertised as the one seminar in 2008 that you couldn't afford to miss, it turned out it wasn't just empty words.

How can I describe the positive energy that surrounded the Sierra Sky Ranch over the  weekend of October 10-12th at the 2008 Valley Paranormal Seminar.  Or about the blending of scientific and metaphysical ideas, theories and experiments; or about the camaraderie that was shared between ghost hunting veterans and novice investigators of the next generation. It was a simple weekend, uncomplicated and just about people who love what they do and are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Dale Kaczmarek was on hand to talk about Spirit Photography and how to analyze our pictures.

Richard & Debbie Senate spoke on Documenting your Evidence, the Dangers of the Paranormal and Working with Psychics. 

Psychic, teacher and healer Lucy Brandt talked about the Anatomy of a Seance and then conducted Seances on Friday & Saturday nights.

Bill Murphy lectured about ITC and brought his Frank's Box which he demonstrated with great success later that night at the investigation.


Paul Kahan of Paranormal Investigators of San Diego, who specialize in investigating private residences, lectured on Client Psychology. 


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Both Friday & Saturday night investigations went off without a hitch and many of the attendees had some phenomenal success at the Fresno Flats site.  Most of the evidence collected were EVPs but a few pictures started circulating the next morning from the previous night's excursion.  And at the Ranch, some people reported being awakened by the sound of toilets flushing, doors slamming and children running up and down the hall on the 2nd floor.  Only, if you have ever been to the Ranch, you know there is no 2nd floor. 

As the weekend wore on, I witnessed new friendships and the excitement of learning  new & different investigative techniques. But there was also a time for fun and laughter. At the CCPI Dinner on Saturday night, the food was delicious as always and everyone was in high spirits for the evening ahead.  We had a long list of raffle items that were donated from many people including gift certificates from See's Candies, family package to Laser Quest, GH equipment like Sony digital recorders, computer flash drives, high end headphones among many other great items.  And the grand prize was a chance for a lucky someone to go with CCPI on their next investigation; an overnight stay at Preston Castle on November 15th.  Congratulations to Jan Acosta who won that grand prize.

On the last day, we sat round table fashion and for 2 hours discussed various topics concerning paranormal research & investigation and what we want for the next CCPI Seminar.  It was a weekend of renewed energy, exploring the next step up in researching paranormal phenomena and about what I love to do the most and exactly what a Seminar is supposed to be.

On a side note, I would like to thank everyone who donated or bought Seminar items that were for sale, like the T-Shirts, Calendars, Messenger Bags, etc.  As most know, this was a fundraiser for A.R.F., Animal Rescue of Fresno.  CCPI has made a commitment to donate a portion of our entire year's proceeds from our various projects to help this non-profit organization by presenting a check at the end of the year.  If anyone would still like to purchase a Seminar item or donate to this worthy cause, please go to our merchandise webpage.

I want to extend special thanks to the Fresno Flats & Heritage Park members for giving us permission to investigate this new site, the Seminar attendees, Speakers, Sierra Sky Ranch Staff and the Seminar Committee for a great weekend and giving me the courage to organize another one.

Jackie Meador

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